Endocrine and Diabetes Associates, LLC

TeleHealth Instructions

  • Please check with your insurance plan to verify your telemedicine coverage on your policy.

  • We are pleased to be able to provide our established patients with Telehealth services. We are following the new guidelines established by CMS for Medicare patients, and our in-network insurers, to assist with your medical care and treatment during the Coronavirus pandemic

  • The connection for a secure video visit is provided through Doxy.me. A Patient Tutorial Video is available: (https://youtu.be/1YaHG4v2jO8

  • A telephonic visit may be necessary if audio-visual connections are not available.

  • During office hours our staff is available to schedule Telehealth visits, and when needed the physicians may contact you directly to arrange a televisit. 

  • To prepare for a telehealth visit, it is helpful if you can provide information relevant to your medical condition, such as weight, pulse, or your blood pressure if you self-test. If you test blood glucose with a home blood glucose meter, or sensor glucose with a continuous glucose monitor and can upload data on line, please do so in advance. Check the website for your device to assist you with that task. If you have had medication changes, interval laboratory testing, hospital or emergency department visits, you may send us a web message via portal with advance information. You may fax documents to our office fax # 301-468-3580, those cannot be attached to a portal message.

  • Please inform our office if you have had a change in your insurance from the information on file. The Financial Responsibility and Release of Medical Information documents are on file for your account and are applicable. We will file claims with Medicare or your insurer for the Telehealth visits.  Some insurers have informed us that they are waiving copayments during this time, please check with your insurer if questions. Do not connect to a Tele-visit request if you wish to opt-out of this service. The following statement applies when you opt-in for each service:

  • I agree to accept Telehealth services through Doxy.me with Endocrine and Diabetes Associates, LLC for medical care. I understand that once I connect to Doxy.me Telehealth I automatically agree to the service. Co-payment, co-insurance and/or deductible may apply for this service. I verify that the insurance information on file is current, or I have notified the office of any changes.