Endocrine and Diabetes Associates, LLC

September 15, 2023

An open letter from Dr. Amy Rogstad:

Dear Patients, 

I am writing with mixed emotions to let you know that I will be leaving Endocrine and Diabetes Associates in November 2023. It has been my privilege to care for you during the time we have worked together, and I will miss many aspects of my work as a clinical endocrinologist. I am transitioning to a research position, and I will not be able to continue following my patients from private practice.

I am hopeful that my current practice will be able to find another endocrinologist to replace me and that you'll be able to continue following in this practice. However, given the Nationwide shortage of Endocrinologists, the practice may not be able to find a physician right away and you are advised to look elsewhere for continued endocrine care. The other physicians in this practice have full patient schedules and are not able to accommodate additional patients at the present time. I have included endocrinology options below that you can investigate. Your primary care physician could also provide suggestions and may be able to follow your endocrine conditions if they feel comfortable doing so.

To have your medical records transferred, a signed authorization form can be emailed to request@endocrinemd.net We can also provide relevant medical records (electronic format) to you at no cost.

Please ask your pharmacy to contact our office by November 1, 2023, to request refills on your behalf so that we may process these prior to my departure.

The practice will update this notice when they find a physician who is able to see transfer patients. Since the phone systems are already very busy, you are requested to please not call in with individual queries about the situation.

I leave you with my best wishes for your health and happiness.


Dr. Amy Rogstad