Endocrine and Diabetes Associates, LLC

In our efforts to attend to more patient phone calls and improve overall patient care, we would like to make you aware of some of the changes in our check-in process. We have recently added text appointment reminders and pre-check-in capability through Healow Check-in. 

Effective November 15th, 2023, all appointment reminders will be sent via text message unless you opt out. 

Click on the link provided in the text message so you may confirm or cancel your appointment.

After confirming your appointment, please continue to complete the check-in process. Please complete any insurance and demographic updates, sign consent forms, fill out questionnaires, and pay your balance and/or copay.  Click “I have arrived” once you are in the office. We will have a designated staff member who will process anything that needs to be scanned into your chart and assist you with any device download necessary for your visit.

It’s fast, easy, and hassle-free! It will certainly save time.

If you prefer, you can also check in through the Patient Portal and Healow App 

If you wish to opt out of text notifications, you can reply STOP to the text message or notify our staff on your next visit.

Please click on the link to learn more about Healow Check-in